Saturday, February 28, 2009

"Oxnard" Bash!

Post up your butteryass photos n shit.

Here's my picures. -The Professir.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

early bird gets to witness the caravan!

please be at the spot as early as you can humanly be, we dont want to miss the caravan in LA

we are meeting at the gelson market by earl warren at 5:40am and hitting the road at 6am.

ok since me and harry  are down to cruise with the massive caravan out of stanton, we are leaving SB at 6am to meet up with the massive caravan at super autobacs at 8am....insane i know but its a huge meet sooo its deff worth it to film and take pics of the caravan.  this is the address: STANTON MEET LOCATION: Super Autobacs USA; 12645 Beach Blvd. Stanton, CA 90680
Meet at Super Autobacs in Stanton at approx. 8:00a

with that said we need to bring food and drinks to help out with the food situation i was thinking of brining my portable butane grill dood-dad along so i compiled a list of shizzz to get before friday:

hot dog weenies
hamburglar meat lawl
buns for both
possibly chips 

thats all i can think of at the moment
i can handle the weennies and meat and i have some coke ill bring

aslong as we have those and someone get buns and some sort of beverage of your choice we will be golden since i gots a butane grill (:  any suggestions post it up and lets discuss this so we are ready for the meet. 

btw no beer, its not allowed at the spot ]: sorry guys

Monday, February 23, 2009

just for harry lol

the lovely courtney day and her supermade s14 *drool* im too lazy to get the specs and such but here you guys have...gawk alll you want. but honestly it needs more DUMPAGE!


i had to post this pic because this is too legit to quit and to not post.....check out the FIT-ment on that fit. sooo flush and dumped just like god wanted cars to be, yes unpratical but worth every piece of broken aero and scrapping on everything in sight.

this fit is full of win. i wants

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Drove next to this on the way to work. Hellsa clean Ghai on the ground.

aweee look at this

i was going through my labtop deleting old ass pictures i saved and came across my cars first day home pic [: look how dumped she was, it was meant to be. sooo clean and spotless.

 shouldnt have sold the SE steelies, oh well ill get something new later on.


i was surfing the speedhunters web page looking for VIP examples to show my cousin cuz he wants to do a VIP car as his project since he is getting his license soon and i came upon this beauty. wow this Aristo is hot hot hot! makes me want to build a VIP lexus really bad.

look at the fitment....sooo proper.

there are more pics of this red beauty on the speedhunters web page here. damn soo hot.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

happy news! *UPDATE AS OF FEB 22*

Huntington beach is 90% the spot of the meet now, we are finalizing everything. the park is called bolsa chica state beach. its 10bucks to park all day and have fun. sounds good to me and im going to cruise to it. 

who else is comin with me!?

we are planning to meet at In n Out at 10ish and leaving from there in our mini caravan. i think some hardparking people are planning on attending so we will cruise down together.

Friday, February 20, 2009

and I got heat glock glock shots to the block we creep creep pop pop hope cops don't see me


So we got Ivan's clutch in today!! YAY!!!

(Almost there!)

We went for a victory drive annnnnnnnd were promptly pulled over.

made it about 1 block down state. Thanks Officer!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Slamburglars Handbook

1. If your car is drivable, you're not low enough.
2. We use pinch welds for parking brakes.
3. Slamburglars don't get stuck on speed bumps, speed bumps get stuck on Slamburglars.
4. Because its not cool to be high.
5. What's "out of spec"?
6a. There is no such thing as too low.
6b. There is no such thing as low enough.
7. It's not so bad being down & out.
8. slamburglars, aka THE FRAME BANG GANG.
9. Doin things, Cuttin springs.
10. Doin work, Scrapin dirt.
11. Slamburglars have their passengers sit in the back left and rub in the front right.
12. Oil pans are scheduled maintenance.
13. Wheel gap is for ///M owners.
14. It's nice to MEAT you.
15. Innocent until proven GUILTY.
16. Beware of the liftburglars.
17. The home of bad taste and poor geometry.
18. Our nightmares consist of potholes and speed bumps.
19. Like your SAT low you cant go anywhere.
20. Scraping more pans than the food network.
21. thuggish ruggish tire scrubin.
22. never doubt The Professor.
23. turning heads for all the wrong reasons.
24. Low Ballin and Street Crawlin.
25. If it's not slammed, what's the point?
26. perches are for birds, collars are for dogs.
27. aka the pan slam clan
28. SlamBurglars cant light bon fires
29. aka the street chic geeks.
31. Mean cars and Nice kids.
32. aka low-slung neo-rods
33. aka the street fabulous automotive aesthetics club

6th annual oxnard bash caravan info

well as many of us know the oxnard bash is next weekend and harrison and i were talking about meeting up with the massive caravan on the PCH so we can take part in a huuuuuuuuuge possibly 80+ car caravan to oxnard. the caravan is going to enter the PCH from santa monica and from reading this i predict they will be on the PCH around 11ish, of course i know most of you dont want to drive that far to meet up so i was thinking of just meeting them half way up the PCH and then going with them to the meet and i thnk that would be epic, we could also actually meet up with them at Pearl St. @ 17th St. Santa Monica, CA 90405 which is where they are gonna be at 10:30ish and leave at 10:45 to get on the santa monic freeway to get on the PCH. its kinda confusing so thats why im doing this post so we can get things planned with some sort of heads up. post up any questions or concers and if you dont want to drive maybe someone can give you a lift. i have one passanger room available if my cousin bails out on me last second lol ill let you guys know but for now lets see how many are actually down to roll with the massive caravan. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Essentials...

for proper automotive maintenance.

Welcome to the Slamborhood

So i made a rough logo. Just an idea, tell me what you think.

Its based off the Neighborhood Watch signs.


what about this guy, haha a quickie paint sesh made this dude

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

oooh noooooo.......decals?!

there has been speculation about decals and when they will be made seeing that the group is being put together. we will get something out soon so all you people dumped soooo low you scrape on center markers can rock one proud! for now i cut this one by hand out of the hardest font i could find haha its reflective red and looks legit. ill post more info when the time comes to distribute slam burglars decals to members.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Introducing Round 2

Indeed Ivan, today was a grand day.

And with that let me introduce my little friend Round 2. Round 2 is a purty red 92 miata. Here she is stock as a rock.

As mentioned, she was pampered today by Stance. Pics can expalin.

no lip

w/ R lip