Sunday, August 23, 2009

Going back to Stance School

Harry wanted me to post some updates on my hooptie, so I guess this is what that will be.

My stance was lacking, as many of you know, so I had to take action and bust a move on down to the Stance School. I began by lowering my rears. Took out the adjusters, and the drop was epic.
(No gas in the tank)

After a trip to the gas station and back.

Of course, I would have loved to leave it like that, but it just wasn't drivable. I swapped in some 10mm spacers, in lieu of my 16s, and it was back on the road. I also lowered the front a few threads for good measure.

That is all.
-The Professor

Saturday, August 22, 2009

C's garage BN skyline

not the best picture but none the less a hot skyline. pumps me up to get my car aero'd and slammed on nice wheels already. props to adam and joel from C's garage, they build some hot ass cars.

its raining and my car still has to break in a new damn clutch.......great

-ivan the terrible

Monday, August 17, 2009

lil donks

i want a lil donk

this actually cheered me up and kinda snapped me out of what im thinking about doing with my car with the amount of clams i was offered for her. /:

thanks kevin

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Miatas i like #5 - dubble feature!!! XD

I've seen photos of both these cars for a while and they both deserve recognition.

Rory's stance and fitment is right there with Peter Li on Eurolines . and he is SERIOUSLY dumped.

mtdrift is also VERY low and doesn't just daily, but tracks it at that height. Seeing a slammed miata throwing smoke and countering is just so right. that custom (i believe) green paint is lovely too :) check out his blog at



well done gentlemen, well done. its guys like you that make me want to build my car better and better.

-durty harry

Monday, August 10, 2009

SlamBurglars BBQ - That Just Happened

Yesterday was ridiculous. Out of 700+ photos that were taken, these are some of only ones that did not suffer from beer hands syndrome(super blurry.) The day was epic, and we have a new Burglar! Geoff was inducted during the festivities, so be on the look out for an official shoot of his car coming soon to an interwebs near you. Looking forward to the next SlamBurglars BBQ!

Monday, August 3, 2009


if you cant read it well it says: where: ivan's house, time: *edit 12 o'clock

i have a pool so bring swim stuff if you want to swim and slide on the slide!

if you want to attend then post here if you are for sure going and what you can bring for food and stuff, ill add you to the list.

BBQ LIST FOR NEXT SUNDAY AUGUST 9TH 2009 12 o'clock cuz michelle told me so

1. ivan the terrible
2. durty harold (maybe baby)
3.cabin klein
5.oscar meyer wiener
6.birdman aka durty sanchez aka timothy
8.nick salsbury steak!