Wednesday, December 30, 2009

stickers ver. 3.0!!!!

gold sold out! purple is MIA/sold out! black we have very few left.

well after sweat, blood and tears we finally have the damn stickers cut for your guys enjoyment. soo much work went into these ones but came out the best out of all the stickers we produced.

same drill as last time, $8 bucks shipped anywhere in the U.S. except canada and hawaii. international shipping will be a bit extra, about $9.25 shipped to your door step.

the colors are:

reflective gold(sold out)

reflective purple (SOLD OUT TEMPORARILY)

reflective rainbow black(supply is running low)

the paypal address is

be sure to write down in the notes:

1. quantity of what color
2. shipping address
3. who you are (name/username)

get them while they're hot! i have a feeling these will run out quick!

any questions regaurding the stickers, shipping, or random stuff email me at

now for the pictures of the stickers. bare with me since im not a photographer and will cotter didnt want to drive to my house to pick em up haha he will up date the pics when i give them to him later this week.

Monday, December 21, 2009

let me riiide.

first off we want to thank all that came out from all over the state of california to LEFTCOASTLOW. you guys seriously surprised us with how many of you actually came! the next one will be bigger and better.

enjoy these pictures of our cars at LCL

btw props to keith cheng, who's pics i borrowed along with another photographers who's name is not watermarked on. good shots guys.

thanks again for coming and all the support[:

-ivan the terrible

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Return of the Miaterrr

Harry's car was out of commission for a while, while he was replacing his oil pan and doing other maintenance and upgrading. I finally saw it in the flesh the other day so he asked me to snap a few photos. I'm loving this car so much.

I'm sure there will be more photos up after Left Coast Low this weekend, so stay tuned!

-The Professor