Friday, March 12, 2010

farewell drift unicorn.

on wednesday morning at 12:45am the drift unicorn was pulled over, this time it was different from all others....after being threaten to be towed i got off with a pretty gnarly ticket and i will be appearing in court to fight it for the un-justice behind it. today the unicorn went under deconstruction and now is stock for inspection by the court, after this blows over i will be looking for a daily and the drift unicorn will be retired from street driving.

SLAMBURGLARS: farewell from ivan camacho on Vimeo.

4+ years or so of street driving, from getting stuck in drive ways, to almost dying....she will be missed.<3

btw i dont want to sell her unless someone offers me a nice penny.

-ivan the terrible


  1. damn that sucks. Make it a track car or something, I dont wanna see it go <3

  2. I am sad as well. More than likely the unicorn will turn into the track car.... I just feel bad to cage such an elusive and mysterious animal.

    It was a good run, WE had a long run. She will always be in our hearts seeing her on the streets and at meets.

  3. lol she is a cutie, she said she wants to be part of more videos so you will more than likley see more of her.

  4. Dear Slamburglars
    Post more low NAs
    Yours faithfully

  5. we will try, thanks Chris.

    keep your shizz dope too :)


  6. Wow! it is looking so decent..and bold. i like it! thanks for the post

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